Girard Gazette, 3 March 1898, page 5 column 3.

Fatal Accident.

On yesterday noon Alex. Adcock, son of Green Adcock, of Nilwood, attempted to jump on a freight train at Green Ridge. In doing so he lost his footing and fell beneath the coaches, and was stricken on the head, side and shoulder and so badly injured that he died in a few minutes after the accident. His remains were taken to his home in Nilwood, and Coroner Hart summoned, who held the inquest yesterday afternoon, and the evidence adduced showed that his death was caused by his own carelessness, the railroad crew being blameless. Two hours after the above death, a cousin, Johnny Adcock, also died, and both were buried to-day at Union Chapel cemetery.

10 March 1898, page 1 column 4.


Alex Adcock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Green Adcock, was killed in Green Ridge March 2, 1898. He was born September, 1882, being at his death about 16 years of age. Alex was a singularly loving child. If he thought he had incurred any of his friends displeasure his tender heart seemed ready to burst, and he could not rest for a moment until he had said he was "sorry" and had obtained forgiveness. His love to his brothers and sisters was unlimited. His loving and amiable disposition made him a favorite with all whom he came in contact. We love to think of this sweet bud of immortality expanding so beautifully in our presence, and fancy we can judge in some small degree of the brilliancy of the perfect flower, from these developments. The following day his body was laid to rest in the Union Chapel cemetery. His cousin and a dear friend were laid to rest at the same place and time. His freed spirit had soared above the reach of earthly intercession, and while his body lies mouldering in yonder day, yet nothing can disturb the hallowed rest of the immortal soul. It is all God would have it, and it is therefore our duty to bend meekly to His will, and wait, in faith and patience, 'till we shall also be summoned home, ever keeping in mind what is our loss is Heaven's gain, and while our hearts are torn with anguish and filled with indescribable grief, he is resting peacefully and waiting and watching to greet his parents, brothers and sisters to the eternal home. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."   A Cousin.

Macoupin County Enquirer, Wednesday, 9 March 1898, page 4 column 4 "Nilwood."

-Sad news reached town Wednesday that the son of Green Adcock had been killed at the Green Ridge switch. The remains were removed to the Nilwood depot, where the inquest was held, and then removed to his home. Interment in Union chapel cemetery.

page 5 column 3 "North Otter".

-Jonnie Adcock, son of Mrs. Charles Harris of Nilwood, died Wednesday at the home of Charles Harris in Nilwood, of typhoid fever, aged, 16 years. Alex, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Adcock of Nilwood, who was killed by a C. & A. train at Green Ridge, was buried at the same place and at the hour. Rev. A. M. Stamper, who conducted the burial exercises, said it was the second time he had been called upon to officiate at a double burial. Both young men were about the same age, died about the same time and were cousins. There was a large crowd in attendance. The deceased were former residents of this township, being reared here. We extend our sympathies to the bereaved families.