Carlinville Democrat, 7 August 1912, page 1 column 5.

Young Farmer Ends Life.

On Saturday evening at about seven o'clock at his home six miles southwest of Girard in South Otter township, Frank Adcock committed suicide by taking carbolic acid. At the inquest which was held by Coroner Karnes a number of witnesses testified, chief among them being, Israel Adcock, father of the young man. His evidence was that his son went to his home about five o'clock to look after his stock. Not returning in the usual length of time, the father went to see what was the trouble. He found the young man lying on the bed with life extinct. Near him was a bottle which had contained carbolic acid. There was no evidence given to show that by the actions of the deceased he had any intention of taking his life. However, his friends noticed that he was grieving very much over the death of his wife, which had occurred on Tuesday, July 30. It was the opinion of his father, as well as his friends, that grieving over the loss of his wife temporarily unbalanced his mind and caused him to commit the rash act.

Some months past, Mr. Adcock has been united in marriage with Miss Fannie Lentz, of Nevada, Mo. Her death occurred on the above mentioned date from blood poisoning.

The coroner's jury returned a verdict that deceased came to his death from taking carbolic acid with suicidal intent on or about the hour above given on Saturday, August 3, 1912.

Deceased is a son of Mr. And Mrs. Israel Adcock and the family is highly respected in that vicinity. The tragic death of young Adcock has caused a feeling of sadness to spread over the entire community. The young man was a few months past 21 years of age.

Funeral services and interment were held at Union Chapel on Monday afternoon.

Macoupin County Enquirer, 7 August 1912, page 3.

This community was thrown into a state of excitement Saturday when the message rang out over the phone that Frank M. Adcock had committed suicide at his home in South Otter. He had lost his wife only Tuesday of last week and because of which his mind became unbalanced causing him to commit the rash act. He had only that day moved most all his household effects to the home of his parents, Israel Adcock and wife. He went back to his home about 5 p. m. Saturday to look after some of his stock and not returning as soon as his father expected, went to see after him. When he arrived at the house he found the door open and going in found his boy lying across a bed and going near, found he was dead. There being no phone in the house, he ran out and called to George Walters who responded and phoned for help and it was not long till a goodly number of people both men and women were present. Deputy Coroner Lott was notified who called C. E. Berry, undertaker of Palmyra and gave him power to remove the body to the home of the deceased's father, Israel Adcock. When better accomodations could be had, after removal, the body was washed and laid out but not embalmed till after the coroner could come. Coroner D. H. Karnes and Deputy Lott came up Sunday morning and empaneled a jury as follows: J. W. Bristow, J. B. Corder, W. E. Martin, Ben Corder, Sam Bristow and J. J. Gardner with J. W. Bristow foreman and J. J. Gardner clerk. Only a few witnesses were examined but sufficient evidence was given for the jury to return the following verdict: "That deceased came to death by taking carbolic acid with suicidal intent." Funeral services were held at Union Chapel Monday at 10 a. m. conducted by Rev. Will England and the body interred by the side of his wife. He leaves his father and mother, one brother and three sisters. He was in his 22nd year and was a good boy, quiet sober and industrious.

Nevada MO Daily Mail, Tuesday, 6 August 1912, page 2 column 2.

Grief over his wife's death.

Causes Former Nevada Girl's Husband to Suicide.

Springfield, Ill., August 5. -- Grief over the death of his bride of four months is given as the cause of the suicide last night at his home near Girard, of Frank. M. Adcock, a young Macoupin county farmer. Mrs. Adcock, who was formerly Miss Fannie Lentz of Nevada, Mo., died last Tuesday, following an operation from which blood poisoning developed.

Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Lentz [sic] of Nevada, Mo., who were called to Girard by the death of their daughter, will remain for the funeral of their son in law.